10 New Warehouse Management Companies

Gain data-driven insights into warehouse management, a bustling sector with 103K+ companies. Our analysis of 15K new warehouse management companies has identified 10 standout innovators revolutionizing the industry with AI-driven WMS, warehouse robots, inventory tracking solutions & more.
Exploring the landscape of new warehouse management companies reveals a dynamic shift towards technology-driven solutions. This article highlights 10 innovative firms leading the charge in transforming warehouse operations. They are pioneering AI-driven management systems, deploying advanced robotics, and implementing sophisticated inventory tracking solutions, setting new standards in efficiency and precision for the industry. These companies are not just adapting to trends; they are defining the future of warehouse management. Continue reading to gain data-driven insights on:

Key Takeaways

Drawing insights from the Big Data and AI-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 3.7+ million emerging companies globally, we explore the evolving landscape of the warehousing industry. This sector is marked by key trends and a substantial workforce, shaping its future. Here are some key insights at a glance:

  • Warehouse Management Trends: The industry is evolving with key trends such as advanced warehouse automation, sophisticated warehouse management systems, precise inventory tracking, IoT integration, and the use of wearables. These developments are steering the sector towards more efficient, accurate, and technologically enhanced operations.
  • Warehouse Management Industry Stats: The global warehouse management industry encompasses 103K organizations with a negative annual growth rate of 1.65%. Despite this, the sector has seen the emergence of 15K new companies and employs a total of 8.7 million people.
  • 10 Warehouse Management Companies to Watch:
      1. ezSCM.ai – AI-based Warehouse Management
      2. IQ Robotics – Intelligent Picking Systems and Mobile Robots
      3. EYESEE – Autonomous Inventory Drone Solution
      4. Logistify AI – Automated Inventory Verification
      5. Prisom – Order Management Software
      6. AltiusHub – Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management
      7. Astro – Autonomous Mobile Cargo Unloading Robot
      8. Pixa – eCommerce Operations Management
      9. 3PLNext – Warehouse Operations Management
      10. Stockpilot – Centralized Platform for eCommerce Businesses
The warehouse management industry is rapidly evolving, driven by groundbreaking technologies. These advancements are reshaping warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency, and redefining logistics. This section explores five key trends, each representing a significant stride in warehouse operations.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation employs robotics and automated systems to streamline tasks like sorting and packing. Technologies such as AGVs and robotic arms increase efficiency and enable continuous operations, significantly reducing manual labor and improving throughput.

Warehouse Management Systems

Advanced warehouse management systems integrate real-time data analytics for inventory control and process optimization. Utilizing AI, these systems enhance supply chain efficiency, predict demand, and optimize stock levels, leading to cost-effective operations.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking technologies, including RFID tags and barcode scanners, offer real-time monitoring and detailed insights into inventory levels and movements. This precision in tracking ensures optimal inventory management, preventing stock discrepancies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT in warehouse management brings smarter, interconnected operations. IoT devices monitor various operational aspects, enabling predictive maintenance and efficient resource management, leading to responsive and adaptable warehouse environments.


Wearable technology in warehouses, like smart glasses and wristbands, aids in navigation and picking, enhancing worker productivity and safety. These devices support ergonomic operations and enable real-time communication, streamlining processes.The integration of these technologies is transforming warehouses into intelligent ecosystems. As these technologies evolve, they promise more profound changes, driving warehouses towards smarter management and optimization. Embracing these advancements is key to meeting the demands of the modern supply chain.

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Meet 10 New Warehouse Management Companies

The warehouse management industry has recently experienced a significant influx of new companies, signaling a period of robust innovation and growth. This wave of new entrants reflects a dynamic and evolving sector, poised to address the intricate challenges of modern logistics and supply chain management.Here, we spotlight 10 emerging warehouse management companies at the forefront of logistical innovation. These companies are not merely responding to industry trends; they are actively shaping them. Through the development of AI-powered warehouse management systems, advanced robotic solutions, and sophisticated inventory tracking technologies, they are enhancing operational efficiency in warehouse management.

Note on Signal Strength
One of the unique metrics we feature for each company is Signal Strength, a proprietary data point generated by our Discovery Platform. Signal Strength gauges the extent to which a company’s influence has permeated the global ecosystem of startups, scaleups, and emerging companies. This proprietary metric serves as a valuable guidepost for understanding a company’s standing in the broader market landscape.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Canada
Signal Strength: Strong
What they do: ezSCM.ai offers a warehouse management solution featuring AI integration for smart stocking, analyzing sales trends and seasonal demands to optimize stock levels. Its mobile app streamlines the picking process, enhancing accuracy and speed. The system supports seamless inventory transfers across multiple locations, including personal warehouses, marketplace fulfillment centers, and 3PL locations. Additionally, ezSCM’s geo-smart order processing ensures efficient delivery by considering product availability and delivery proximity.


Founding Year: 2019
Employee Range: 51-100
Location: UAE
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: IQ Robotics offers advanced robotic solutions for warehouse management, including intelligent picking systems and mobile robots. Their technology, based on AI software, supports various warehouse operations like racking, goods sorting, replenishment, and inventory counting. These technologies increase warehouse productivity and reduce manual labor, thus enhancing operational efficiency.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: France
Signal Strength: Medium Strong
What they do: EYESEE offers an autonomous inventory drone solution for warehouses, designed to read barcodes in high pallet racks. The drone is equipped with an HD camera, obstacle avoidance technology, and barcode scanning capabilities. It increases inventory frequency and reduces costs, time, and risks associated with inventory execution. EyeSee’s solution benefits warehouses by improving inventory accuracy and safety for operators.


Founding Year: 2019
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: Kenya
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Logistify AI offers automated inventory verification for warehouses and factories. Utilizing CCTV computer vision, their platform reduces inventory losses and labor costs associated with manual counting. Features include SKU identification, inventory counting, and plate number recognition. Beneficial for inventory managers, Logistify AI’s technology streamlines inventory verification and integrates with ERP systems.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: South Africa
Signal Strength: Medium
What they do: Prisom offers a WMS that streamlines order management, allowing grouping and release of shipments based on various criteria. Its inbound process includes goods receipt with or without PO reference, minimizing errors. The system tracks assets from receipt to shipping and automates delivery confirmations. Its outbound processes optimize picking, and the system offers detailed reporting with embedded BI tools. Parcel tracking uses QR/barcode scanning for real-time updates. Additionally, it integrates with various financial systems for cost efficiency.

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Founding Year: 2023
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: India
Signal Strength: Medium Strong
What they do: AltiusHub offers a WMS for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The software aids in managing safe and efficient storage and transportation of products. It supports serialization, compliance, and traceability requirements, along with inventory visibility and accurate forecasting. AltiusHub’s WMS is beneficial for MAHs, CMOs, and 3PLs in the pharma industry, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient warehouse operations.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: USA
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Astro manufactures Arc, an autonomous mobile cargo unloading robot designed for warehouse efficiency. Alongside their Robotics Management System (RMS), Arc integrates into warehouse processes, improving productivity and accuracy. The system is adaptable to various environments and can be set up with minimal downtime. Astro’s solutions benefit warehouses by enhancing employee productivity and operational efficiency.


Founding Year: 2019
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: Turkiye
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Pixa offers a WMS for e-commerce operations. It streamlines processes like order picking, shelf counting, product transfer, and goods acceptance. Key features include smart picking with the shortest route generation, efficient order sorting, and quick packaging solutions. Pixa WMS also provides advanced stock management, enabling real-time tracking of inventory across sales platforms.


Founding Year: 2019
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: USA
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: 3PLNext offers a cloud-based WMS for retailers, eCommerce stores, and 3PL service providers. The system features order management with flexible release options, accurate inventory tracking, and efficient inbound and outbound logistics operations. It also includes real-time visibility into warehouse operations, comprehensive reporting, and easy eCommerce integration.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Netherlands
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Stockpilot is a centralized platform for e-commerce businesses, integrating sales channels, inventory, orders, and financial reporting. It offers features for order management, inventory synchronization, and shipping process streamlining. Stockpilot benefits e-commerce businesses by preventing over-selling and boosting profits through efficient multichannel management.

As the warehouse management industry advances, these emerging players are playing a crucial role in redefining how warehouses operate and introducing innovative solutions that make warehouse management more efficient, accurate, and responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing global market.

Quickly Scout New Warehouse Management Companies

Utilizing a SaaS platform like the Discovery Platform for scouting new warehouse management companies offers substantial advantages over traditional methods:

Streamlined Efficiency: The Discovery Platform provides advanced tools that significantly streamline the scouting process. This approach is more efficient than conventional desk research, saving valuable time and resources in identifying cutting-edge warehouse management innovations.

Access to Real-time Data: Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with up-to-date information on the latest trends in warehouse management. The platform offers near real-time updates on emerging companies in this sector, enabling quick, informed decision-making.

Tailored Exploration: Customize your search to focus on specific areas within warehouse management, such as advanced warehouse management systems, robotic solutions, or inventory tracking technologies. The platform’s diverse filtering options allow for targeted scouting, ensuring you pinpoint the most innovative and relevant companies in the warehouse management industry.


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