10 New Defense Companies Leading in Military Innovation

With 135K+ companies worldwide, the defense sector is proliferating military innovation with new drones, camouflage, training, and situational awareness tools. Explore 10 solutions from 17K+ new defense companies that bolster capabilities and efficiency for modern warfare.
The defense industry is still investing heavily in innovation — against a backdrop of increasing global conflict and global advancements in national security and defense capabilities. In this context, new defense companies are developing innovative solutions in areas such as advanced defense equipment, situational awareness, immersive technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI). This article delves into the details of the defense sector, providing detailed insights into:

Key Takeaways

Using data from the Big Data & AI-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, which covers 3.7 million companies worldwide across sectors, we present significant trends, industry statistics, and practical insights related to the defense industry. These findings illuminate key aspects of the sector and provide essential guidance for strategic decision-making:

  • Defense Trends: The defense industry is characterized by trends such as the development of advanced military equipment with enhanced capabilities, modernization in defense manufacturing processes, and the adoption of immersive technologies for training and operations. Further, there is growing interest in cyber warfare in national security strategies and the integration of the IoMT for intelligent defense systems.
  • Defense Industry Stats: The defense sector encompasses more than 135K organizations. It is experiencing a marginal annual negative growth rate of 0.02%. The sector also commands a workforce of approximately 11.6 million, especially with the establishment of more than 17K new defense companies.
  • 10 New Defense Companies to Watch:
      1. Brasa Defence Systems – Adjustable Tactical Equipment
      2. Icarus Swarms – Autonomous Drone Swarms
      3. SmartIR – Graphene-based Tiles
      4. Terasynth – Modeling, Simulation & Training (MS&T)
      5. Tess Defence – Advanced Military Vehicle
      6. ARX LANDSYSTEME – Autonomous Unmanned Systems
      7. Avalor AI – Autonomous Mission Execution
      8. Hawking – Anti-drone Systems
      9. ASGARD – Decision Support Systems
      10. Defence-Grid – Lightweight Defense Equipment
With 135K+ organizations and a significant workforce, the defense sector is undergoing rapid transformations. These changes are driven by pivotal technological trends, not only reshaping the defense landscape but also enhancing operational capabilities and strategic responses. Here are the key trends currently impacting the defense industry:

Advanced Military Equipment

The focus on advanced military equipment introduces next-generation weaponry, vehicles, and defense systems. These innovations, often incorporating cutting-edge technologies, are redefining combat strategies and battlefield dynamics, offering unprecedented precision, durability, and effectiveness in diverse operational scenarios.

Defense Manufacturing

Innovations in defense manufacturing are redefining production standards for efficiency, quality, and adaptability. The integration of automated processes, advanced materials, and modular design principles is enabling rapid deployment and greater customization to meet specific mission requirements.

Immersive Technologies

Immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are transforming training and operational planning in the defense sector. These technologies provide realistic simulations and situational awareness, enhancing decision-making, strategy formulation, and skill development without the risks of real-world combat.

Cyber Warfare

Cyber warfare is emerging as a critical domain in national defense strategies, addressing the increasing threat of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, communication networks, and strategic assets. The development of robust cybersecurity measures and offensive cyber capabilities is crucial for safeguarding national interests and maintaining technological superiority.

Internet of Military Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Military Things (IoMT) is revolutionizing defense strategies by integrating devices, sensors, and systems across various military domains. Such networks enhance situational awareness, operational efficiency, and decision-making, enabling a more rapid and coordinated response.These trends are driving the evolution of the defense sector, setting new benchmarks, and opening up innovative pathways. This transformation is significantly influencing the roles of defense professionals, the nature of military operations, and the interaction between defense organizations and technological advancements.

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Meet 10 New Defense Companies

In recent years, the defense industry has experienced a significant influx of new players, heralding an era of robust innovation and expansion. This wave represents a dynamic and adaptive sector poised to address the intricate challenges of modern defense and security.Here, we spotlight 10 emerging defense companies that are at the forefront of military advancement. Through the development of cutting-edge defense equipment, camouflage solutions for personnel protection, and utilization of immersive technologies for military training & more, these companies are forging novel and effective defense capabilities.

Note on Signal Strength
One of the unique metrics we feature for each company is Signal Strength, a proprietary data point generated by our Discovery Platform. Signal Strength gauges the extent to which a company’s influence has permeated the global ecosystem of startups, scaleups, and emerging companies. This proprietary metric serves as a valuable guidepost for understanding a company’s standing in the broader market landscape.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Latvia
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Brasa Defence Systems creates multi-layer functional clothing and adjustable tactical equipment for military and security forces. It develops the Natrix system, a mobile platform designed for various military applications. It offers unit support by transporting equipment, armament, and ammunition, and provides combat support through the installation and relocation of sensors and surveillance systems.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: France
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Icarus Swarms offers autonomous drone swarms for military, police, and emergency responses. Its drones, equipped with custom hardware and software, provide infrared visibility, radioactivity detection, and versatile payloads like photosensors and signal jammers. Operating effectively in GPS-denied areas, these drones deliver reliable, real-time data for various defense and security missions.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: UK
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: SmartIR develops graphene-based tiles for controlling infrared emissivity and visible color. These tiles manipulate visible color and infrared light, enabling adaptive camouflage. SmartIR’s technology enhances survivability and force protection by managing thermal signatures, making it harder for enemy forces to detect and target assets based on heat emissions. The ability to produce dynamic and updatable infrared patterns also adds a layer of security against falsification, further safeguarding military personnel and assets.


Founding Year: 2022
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: USA
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Terasynth specializes in innovative modeling, simulation & training (MS&T) solutions, integrating VR technology and generative AI for defense organizations. Its ultra-realistic simulations and immersive training environments benefit industry and government partners, enhancing operational readiness and strategic decision-making.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Spain
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Tess Defence manufactures the VCR 8×8 Dragon, a military vehicle equipped with advanced systems and sensors for enhanced situational awareness. Its modular design and advanced armor protection ensure adaptability and safety for military forces in various operational scenarios.

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Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Germany
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: ARX LANDSYSTEME specializes in autonomous unmanned systems and sensors for the defense sector. Its robot platforms, like Gereon 2 and Gereon 3, offer modular, adaptable solutions for training, simulation, and operational support. Benefiting both armed forces and civilian emergency services, the products enhance mission readiness and operational efficiency.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: Netherlands
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Avalor AI enhances military operations with its ISTAR Kit, using AI for the autonomous execution of missions. Designed for flexibility and real-time interaction, the kit is platform-agnostic, fitting any Mavlink-based UAV, and benefits armed forces with improved situational awareness and decision-making capabilities.


Founding Year: 2021
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: India
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: Hawking specializes in advanced anti-drone systems and unmanned aerial vehicles for military applications. Its products, including modular anti-drone systems and long-endurance remotely piloted aircraft, provide solutions for surveillance, tactical missions, and critical infrastructure protection. Hawking caters to military organizations looking for enhanced security and operational capabilities.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 11-50
Location: Israel
Signal Strength: Very Strong
What they do: ASGARD develops AI-driven defense, HLS, and aerospace solutions. Its products include C4I systems for military logistics, full management and monitoring systems for soldiers, and advanced simulators for training. These solutions provide military and operational personnel with enhanced situational awareness, resource optimization, and realistic training environments.


Founding Year: 2020
Employee Range: 2-10
Location: Oman
Signal Strength: Strong
What they do: Defence-Grid specializes in AI-based lightweight defense equipment. Its autonomous units like BARBARIK and Zulfiqar, along with AI-driven drones and smart bombs, offer self-aware threat identification and neutralization. Benefiting all defense sectors, these solutions enable human-independent operations to enhance safety and effectiveness.

These companies are transforming national and international defense and security, playing a crucial role in the modernization of strategies. The solutions are also making defense systems more accessible, efficient, and precise to meet the intricate and evolving needs of modern warfare. Their contributions are enhancing the capabilities of armed forces and ensuring defense mechanisms are robust, responsive, and adaptive to the dynamic threats of the contemporary security landscape.

Tips for Quickly Getting a List of Top Defense Companies

Leveraging a SaaS platform like the Discovery Platform to identify burgeoning defense companies offers marked improvements over traditional scouting methods:

  • Streamlined Efficiency: The Discovery Platform introduces automated tools that significantly streamline the scouting process. This innovative approach transcends conventional research methods, optimizing time and resources while unveiling cutting-edge developments in defense technology.
  • Access to Real-time Insights: Establish a strategic vantage point with access to the most current trends shaping the defense industry. The platform provides you with near-instantaneous updates on rising defense companies, empowering you to make swift, well-informed strategic decisions.
  • Tailored Exploration: Personalize your search to zero in on specific domains within the defense sector, such as military drones, defense manufacturing, IoMT, or immersive technologies. The Discovery Platform’s advanced filtering capabilities allow you to refine your scouting efforts, ensuring you connect with the most relevant startups in the field.
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